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Vacuum cleaner robot-model sunflower
Vacuum cleaner robot-model sunflower
Vacuum cleaner robot-model sunflower
Vacuum cleaner robot-model sunflower
Vacuum cleaner robot-model sunflower
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Product introduction:
4 In 1 Multifunctional Robot Vacuum Cleaner,auto sweeper,shark vacuum robot
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Main Features:

Our robot vacuum cleaner can be used in hotel/ house/bank/hospital/shopping mall etc.
indoor floor,can clean the tile/wooden/undercoat carpet/marble/vinyl tile etc. Various ground surface.

1. Long-lasting working time

2200mAh high-energy Li-ion battery, friendly-environment,power saving,longer working time for120-150 minutes and bigger cleaning area.

2. Super low working noise -Less than 60 db

Then high quality aluminum fan blade decrease the working noise less than 45db and improve the suction power.

3.  LED screen display

Easy to play,working time and error code and working condition in real time showing.Setting schedule Work time.

4. Huge capacity dustbin -370 ML and HEPA filter
370ML huge dustbin,longer time use and reduce the number of cleaning dustbin.

5. High efficient cleaning

Dual side brush with and long brush in 15 x 125px can sweep the floor effectively, Attachable big mop can promote the cleaning efficiency.

6. Detachable dustbin

One button to disassemble the dustbin for washing or cleaning the dustbin easily.

7. Ultra-thin body --9.0cm thickness 

The body thickness is lower than the industry average, it can easily get through the bottom of

sofa,bed and other low place.

8.Basic functions:

1) Automatic cleaning

2) Anti-falling system

3) Anti-collision

4) Path planning

5) Auto return charge

6) Timing appointment

7) Virtual Wall

8) 2.4G wireless remote control

9) Mopping function


10)Spot cleaning


11)Super climbing ability


12)Super large water tank


 Material: ABS engineering plastics


Operation mode: mechanical remote control

Battery: lithium battery



Timing function: 8 hours or more

Rated voltage: 14.8V

Rated power: 22W

Rated frequency: 55HZ

Diameter: 800px

Noise: <60db

Hight: 225px

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Battery life: 1000 times

Single running time: 150-180min

The remote control range: 10M

First charge time: 8h

Switch type: touch button

Normal charging time: 3-4h

Cleaning route: bow sweeping, fixed point, random

Sweeping machine function: drag and sweep one body

Type of sweeping machine: intelligent robot

Use environment: Home

Applicable area: 120-150 square meter

Dust box capacity: 370ml

Appearance modeling: sweeping robot

Whether with remote control: Yes

Liquid crystal display: there


1000pa powerful suction

Frequency Conversion Motor